[Osmanthus Millet Porridge]_ Boiled Millet Porridge _ How to Make

Osmanthus osmanthus has a light fragrance. Many people like to pick some osmanthus when the osmanthus tree is blooming and pick it up at home, flush it with water or put some osmanthus sauce when it is made, which can enhance the induced flavor.

Some people also like to put a little osmanthus when making porridge, and osmanthus millet porridge is also very popular with children.

Here are some ways to learn Osmanthus porridge. Can you learn about it?
First, the practice of Osmanthus porridge 1, wash the round glutinous rice, add 8 cups of water and soak for 20 minutes, move to the stove and cook, change to low heat and cook for 10 minutes, then add rock sugar to taste.

2. Wash the fresh chestnuts, soak them softly, pick out the outer film, steam them, dice them, add them to the porridge and cook until they are soft, then add the sweet-scented osmanthus and cook well to serve.

Note 1 for porridge, if you can pick fresh osmanthus, just wash and dry it for storage, otherwise you can use canned sweet-scented osmanthus.

2. This porridge can be served hot or cold, with different flavors.

Diet therapy is beneficial to Shengjin, warming the stomach, reducing phlegm, relieving cold and pain in the stomach, and the second method of osmanthus porridge.

 Wash the rice before, soak it in cold water for half an hour, remove and drain the water; 2.

 2. Pick out impurities from osmanthus, rinse with cold water; 3.

 Take the pan and add cold water. Prior to boiling, boil over high heat; 4.

 4. Then use low heat to cook until porridge becomes; 5.

 Add osmanthus, mix with sugar, and boil until ready to serve.

Third, the efficacy of Osmanthus porridge one.

Resolving Phlegm and Relieving Cough: The fragrant substance contained in Osmanthus fragrans can replace sputum, promote the discharge of sputum from the respiratory tract, and has the effects of resolving phlegm, relieving cough and asthma.


Relieve qi and relieve pain, loose blood and relieve diarrhea: Osmanthus fragrant, has the function of relieving qi, can relieve analgesia, relieve blood and stasis, and promote the excretion of gastrointestinal turbid fluid, lower intestinal wind and diarrhea.


Bad breath: sweet-scented osmanthus can remove odor in the mouth, and has the effect of killing bacteria in the mouth. It is a good food for patients with bad breath.

Fourth, the efficacy of osmanthus porridge. Osmanthus fragrans, a osmanthus fragrans.

Strong aroma, candied candied fruit for confectionery.

Fruits, branches and leaves are used for medicinal purposes.

Gan, Xin, Wen, non-toxic.

Flowers contain volatile oil and wood.

Warm and cold, warm stomach and relieve pain.

Osmanthus fragrans 3g ground powder, rose 1g, boiling water, 2 minutes a day?
3 warm drinks.

Cinnamon branches, leaves, and fried juice warm the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Osmanthus fragrans 3 grams, gargle with water, 3 times a day.