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[How much is a pistachio suitable for a day?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

People who have eaten pistachios are deeply attracted by their aroma, so they often go to the supermarket to buy them. In fact, pistachios are delicious and healthy foods, such as pistachios, which contain various mineral elements, and also niacin., Pantothenic acid, etc. Pistachios have many effects such as warming the kidneys and spleen, but pistachios cannot be eaten too much. The amount of pistachios eaten every day must be controlled within a reasonable range.

How much pistachios to eat a day?
About 50g of pistachios is most suitable.

Pistachios are very nutritious, but there are fried dried fruits that also contain high fat. Eat about 50 g per day, almost 20 capsules, which can pass a good tonic effect without causing anger and obesity due to excessive consumption.

What happens if you eat too much pistachios?

Indigestion Pistachios, like other nuts, are high-protein, high-fat foods. A small amount of this food can have a good nourishing effect. Too much food will burden the digestive consumption, especially the absorption of plant protein.Easily bloated and constipated.

Fat content in fat pistachios is 45.

About 1%, it is a typical high-faecal food. Although most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, it is good for the body. However, if you eat too much, the body cannot completely metabolize the fat, and it will also be converted into an adult hoarding in the body.Causes obesity.
Most of the pistachios in the fire country are imported from the outside, and then processed. Many pistachios are added with flavors and flavoring agents, and most of them are fried, so that the pistachios have a certain degree of anger.More likely to get angry.

Nutritional waste Pistachios are highly nutritious foods, and the human body absorbs a limited amount of nutrients every day. A small amount of pistachios can have a good nourishing effect. Excessive consumption will lead to incomplete digestion and absorption of pistachios, resulting in nutrition waste.

Notes on eating pistachios: 1. The color of the pistachios depends on the color of the nuts being green and fresher than yellow. Pistachios that have been stored for too long should not be eaten again. If you buy a lot of pistachios,The oil or pungent aroma indicates that the pistachios have been used for a long time, or the additives have been used too much, and some sweeteners have been added a lot. It is best not to choose them.

2. When eating pistachios, you should purchase pistachios with natural openings and no pollution, so as to effectively absorb the nutrients in the nuts. Pistachios that are not mature will not split automatically. If they are sandwiched by external force, the fruit shellThe edges of the opening are often bent unevenly.

3. Although pistachios are delicious, they should also be appropriate. A small handful of them is enough every day. Otherwise, eating too much will cause indigestion and even bloating, so you should not eat more.

4. After eating pistachios, be sure to fasten the bag in time. Do not let the pistachios get wet. Once wet, it is very unpalatable. It is best to put the pistachios in a tightly sealed box. The moisture-proof effect will be better.