Whether the Shanghai Index broke through 3000 points

Securities Times website CITIC Investment believes that after the market has experienced a brief slump and rapid recovery, the stock market sentiment has risen, especially on Thursday, the Shanghai Index broke through the 3,000-point overall mark, and new upside may have opened.

Current positive factors in the market: (1) As of 1 month, official data show that the number of investors in the stock market has reached 1.

600 million, 深圳spa会所 ushering in a new historical high, overcoming the scale of well-known fund raising of over 100 billion and setting a historical record, the market is self-evident; (2) In March, the expansion of FTSE Russell will not unexpectedly proceed according to the original plan, and at the same time, the funds to enter BeijingThe pace remains the same, and the market’s long-term funds are constantly increasing; (3) the market turnover has returned to the trillion level and has always maintained a strong state; (4) multiple counter-cyclical breakthrough policies continue to appear.

These favorable factors constitute short-term support for the strength of the market.

In terms of investment, after the epidemic data gradually improves, investors can focus on the repair opportunities of leading companies affected by the epidemic in the short-term, the transportation of hotels, food and beverages, and long-term core competitiveness.

Big finance, especially securities firms, is the most flexible sector in capital market reform and overall market conditions.

Another big line is that the focus of recent proactive fiscal and loose monetary policies will be mainly on science and technology infrastructure, especially with the promotion of the goal of achieving a well-off society this year, and follow-up policies may increase the improvement of new infrastructure.

In operation, focus on the mainline opportunities such as brokerages, 5G applications, cloud computing, and new energy vehicles.