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Whenever you admire a dish, have you ever wondered how it is made?

If you change yourself, can you do the same?

If you have this idea, first follow the editor to learn how to make ham pizza.


I choose the spontaneous powder bought in the supermarket (because I’m afraid that the baking powder can’t be put well, and I’m afraid it will be bad if I can’t afford it) 2.

Take a small bowl of spontaneous powder and place it in a large container, add water and stir.


21 Slowly knead the noodles together to form a dough.


12 Cover with a damp cloth and save 1-2 hours (so the surface will be very delicate).


21 Start preparing ingredients below: cucumber, onion, carrot, red bell pepper, ham.


Cut one red bell pepper into diced, and cut one half onion into diced.


Cut 4 hams into small pieces, half carrots and diced, half cucumbers and diced.


1 Roll the small dough into a pie.


2 seasoned with cheese, tomato sauce, pepper.


Spread a layer of oil on the pan and fry the noodles inside (this won’t stick to the pan).


Use a fork or toothpick to make small holes in the pastry, so that it tastes easy and is breathable.

Put fat in the pan and put the diced vegetables.


Add a small amount of salt and pepper and stir fry for 1 minute. This is convenient for steaming. It only takes 2 minutes.


Fry 8 mature pasta and ketchup on top.


Scatter half-cooked diced vegetables on top of the tomato sauce.


Sprinkle a slice of ham on top of the vegetables.


Finally, put cheese and tomato sauce on the surface.

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Then put it on a plate and steam it for 2 minutes.
After reading the introduction to the pan ham pizza, many people are already drooling.

If you know the specific steps, you will definitely be able to make different foods by yourself.